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 Keys of the Kingdom

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PostSubject: Re: Keys of the Kingdom   Keys of the Kingdom - Page 4 EmptySat Mar 01, 2014 3:04 am

His world..............?

What did she mean by, "too?" In the tone of her voice there was much less just a suspected kinship in the outrageous act of a planet being destroyed, but she spoke as if thus was a common practice. Worlds simply didn't just up and vanish into the universe, not one at a time, and it would take years for it to do so. There was just no way a world would be swallowed up whole...........or was there?

Asher mulled the question over in his head. It was a gruesome thought, but one that be couldn't help but think about.

His mind had led him away from his body, which now simply passed glances around the warm district, finding the outlines of the shops and the aura the night gave off very soothing. He was wrong, though. This town, where ever it was, was nothing like the Coast. It was far too quiet, not enough neon lights or loud music.

He secretly liked this mellow scene a lot more.

Oblivious to the conversation at hand, Asher continued to drift away to that special place that he could think of things like worlds and destruction and worlds meeting destruction and how the thought was ludicrous, realizing he had nothing to add to the conversation between the others. He'd prefer not to speak, anyway. Every time doubt of his own world came to mind, he would brush it away. Of course nothing had gone wrong! Everything was just fine.....right?

Asher secretly began to worry, just a little bit, but he wouldn't admit it.
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Takato Rutherford
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Takato Rutherford

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PostSubject: Re: Keys of the Kingdom   Keys of the Kingdom - Page 4 EmptySat Mar 01, 2014 8:48 am

"Interesting." pondered Takato to himself at the sight of her summoning the items to her hand. He extended his reach slightly and slowly stood up at last; stretching out with a groan to himself. He didn't feel in pain of sorts. He just felt weird. Tired almost. As if he had expended his magical power far quicker than normal. His grin said everything in thanks as he took the Potion and the Ether. There was no reaction from the blonde after he gulped down the seemingly enchanted liquid of the first; merely blinking at the odd sensation. The second; which to him appeared to be a sapphire "crystal" of sorts was absorbed almost instinctively. One could imagine a blue bar going up and up; filling up the percentage until it was fully restored to the full amount.

For the Magi it was quite a rush. Most of his fatigue left him in a flash and he instantly jerked upright.

Well, it wasn't his power completely returned to him...but what he -could- use was back. A plus.

"That ain't right. Noooope.."

Takato simply shook his head suddenly. He raised his hand towards the girl to extend a finger up in a wagging motion. It was amusing to note that the amber eyed boy hadn't once looked away from her feet. Not because he was shy; oh no. He was simply stunned by the sheer size of her shoes. Still; that wasn't why he was expressing his denial of her words. No. The magical student in him was actually spazzing out at the sheer idea of their world being destroyed. Especially by something he knew very little about. "You're talking about those shadowy creatures, yeah?" His assumption mostly being based off what that voice had said and the study of what they had fought not so long ago. The sudden jump between that dimension and this new area was puzzling all in all.

"Destroyed? Nah. Some weird guy-girl-voice thing just picked us up, made us fight a bunch of those things and then plonked us here. Rather aggravating really."

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PostSubject: Re: Keys of the Kingdom   Keys of the Kingdom - Page 4 EmptySun Mar 02, 2014 2:38 am

"...Heartless...? You mean Raven DOES exist in this weird world...?"

She couldn't help but mutter that under her breath, sighing heavily as she saw the brown haired girl freaking out about her arm. It wasn't unusual in the least...hell...it's more unusual if they DON'T freak out.

"My arm is fine...It's always been like this. No 'Heartless' did this to me...whatever they are..." The words that followed after the girl's mention of the arm disturbed her...Was their world really destroyed? The last thing she could remember was that stupid giant ass dragon obliterating Magnolia Town...Was it really gone?
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Lone Hero

Lone Hero

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PostSubject: Re: Keys of the Kingdom   Keys of the Kingdom - Page 4 EmptySun Mar 02, 2014 6:58 pm

Xander's eyes widened for a moment. He turned to the girl with confusion and said, "Heartless? Destroyed world? What are you..." He didn't understand at all. But if that was what the creatures from before were called, it would make sense. He looked down for a moment. He didn't remember anything about his world, so could it have really been destroyed?

"Now that makes me wish I knew..." he said lightly. He looked at his hand, his empty hand. Would those creatures return? If she knew about them and gave them a name then they weren't just a dream. If they did attacked, he'd be the only one without a weapon. He didn't want to hold everyone else back. Even if he had a weapon, he wouldn't know how to use it. Even the small bit of fighting experience he gained in that weird place was fuzzy at best.

"I guess staying like this won't help much..." he said lightly, beginning to walk. He turned back to everyone with a smile and said, "I don't really like staying in one place, so I'll go ahead. Thanks for the info... uh... What was your name again?"
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PostSubject: Re: Keys of the Kingdom   Keys of the Kingdom - Page 4 EmptyMon May 21, 2018 11:37 pm

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I didn't even introduce myself." The girl gasped, and bowed. "My name is Mallory."

She rose, waving a brief farewell to Xander before addressing the remaining group. "Yes, the Heartless. Foul things made of darkness and shadows, untouchable, ruthless, coveting and taking that which they don't have. No one knows anything about them save that they foretell the end of a world - it sounds like you did encounter them. But the rest?" Mallory shook her head at Takato's explanation looking suitably confused. "I've never heard of any voice accompanying them."

Ha. She thinks you're crazy~

"Anyroad, if your world was not destroyed, how did you end up back here? This seems to be where a lot of the newcomers pop up..." Her expression briefly became appalled. "Were you mugged?!"

"What do you mean about our world being destroyed?" Ima asked what everyone seemed to be thinking but none had the gall to ask. Creeping dread wormed around her heart as well.

"You don't know?" Mallory once again looked confused. "Maybe your encounter with the Heartless somehow altered your memories..."

Her eyes slid over once more to Zora's arm, but didn't comment on it.

"Heartless fortell the end of a world," she repeated, "and a world's end begins when its heart is closed. Recently, someone is going around closing the hearts of worlds. No one knows how, no one knows who. A boy, with a blade the shape of a key, but no more. And with his closing of world's hearts, Heartless come in droves and devour what there is and what's left...just as they did with my world. Oh, what I wouldn't give to walk along Stargazer Coast again!"

In the back of his mind, Asher could hear a silent whisper. Surprise~

"Wait. But you're saying your fought the Heartless? And you won?" Mallory's eyes, teary with memories, began to shine with an entirely new emotion. "Then that means..."

"...you could save the worlds, couldn't you?"
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Keys of the Kingdom
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