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 Company Profiles

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These are just a few big name companies in the world of 2027. They are not the only companies int he world, by they are for sure the most famous.

Sarif Industries
Owner: David Sarif
Specializes: Design and manufacture of advanced mechanical augmentations for human implants. Products range from everyday neural and physical implants to military-grade augmentation.
HQ: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Tai Yong Medical
Owner: Zhao Yun Ru
Specializes: World's largest mechanical augmentation and biotech company. While their quality is not on par with that of Sarif industries, their ability to mass produce merchandise quickly has allowed them to flourish.
HQ: Hengsha Island, China

Picus TV
Owner: Morgan Evertt (CEO of Montreal Branch)
Specializes: Founded by Sir Martin Darrow, Picus is a world-wide television news station and media juggernaut. If it is considered news, Picus will report it around the world. If it involves a form of media entertainment (television, video games, radio, etc), there's a chance Picus is involved. They are known for their world famous news anchor, the lovely Eliza Cassan.
HQ: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Belltower Associates
Owner: Unknown
Specializes: an umbrella group of private military contractors who provide a maximum spectrum private military/security solution.
HQ: London, England

L.I.M.B. (Liberty in Mind and Body) International
Owner: Haydon Suyong
Specializes: Healthcare for menchanically augmented people. Provides surgeries to implant people with augmentations as well.
HQ: Unknown (Clinics can be found worldwide)
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Company Profiles
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