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 Tyson Chevalier

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Tyson Chevalier

Nickname: Ty

Title: None

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Character Expertise: Battle Expert

Pre Trained or Untrained: Trained

Home Town: Unknown (Wanderer)

Main Pokemon Team:
Charmeleon (Atreyu)
Vulpix (Venus)
Machoke (Hogan)
Magmar (Frenzy)


Gramps: It isn't confirmed whether Ty is speaking about his actual Grandfather, or just an older Male in his life, but "Gramps" has been a great influence on his training method and overall relationship with Pokemon.

Personality: Tyson is a layed-back, friendly individual. He is always open to helping another person out. He has a gentle hand with Pokemon, though it hides his love for battle. He is the perfect combination of Cool and hot, as he is mellow, but fiery in passion as the Pokemon he prefers to train.

Tyson Chevalier Tc-1

Talents: Tyson's knowledge of Pokemon is surprisingly vast for a young man of his age. This ranges from basic know-how to his noted battle expertise. How he got this knowledge is a secret, but it most likely returns to the man he calls "Gramps".

Not much is known about Tyson, other than he is a trainer who has taken the final starting Pokemon from Pallet Town, Charmander.
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Tyson Chevalier
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