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 Zeiro Yurakazi

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Name: Zeiro Yurakazi

Nickname: Zero, any misspelt form of his name

Title: The Human Zekrom

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Character Expertise: Healer

Pre Trained or Untrained: Pre-Trained

Home Town: Icirrus City

Main Pokemon Team:

- Ivysaur (Male)
oRazor Leaf
oPoison Powder
oStun Spore
oSleep Powder
oLeech Seed
oVine Whip

- Pidgey (Female)
oWing Attack
oSand Attack

- Nidoran Male
oFury Attack
oDouble Kick
oHorn Attack

Relationships: None

Personality: People’s initial reaction to Zeiro when they first meet him is being creeped out by him due to his Character Expertise of talking to pokemon. He can be harsh and stubborn as well as cold, but he really cares about Pokemon and humans alike.

Appearance: Zeiro Yurakazi Animeboy10

Talents: Zeiro knows off hand what type each pokemon is, give or take a few he doesn’t really know by heart. He uses this knowledge to his advantage, especially in battles and such. He's also known to put off a strange consistancy of static electricity...most likely due to his jacket...

History: Zeiro used to live in the Unova region ever since he was born. During his time there, he used to get into fights with his older twin brother, Reikuzo, about the relationships between pokemon and humans. In an attempt to prove his brother wrong (who states that pokemon shouldn’t have to be ‘controlled’ by humans, he states), Zeiro travels to Kanto to invoke on a journey to gather up pokemon he would make bonds with as they traveled together.

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Zeiro Yurakazi
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