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PostSubject: Ari    Ari          EmptySat Sep 10, 2011 10:35 pm

Name: Ari

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Fishman, Half Human

Origin: Unknown

Occupation: Pirate, Fisherman, Cook

Age: 18

Relationships: None

Personality: Ari is a girl who loves life and isn't afraid to live it. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, she does not fear death. She's a go with the flow kinda girl but will always keep her goal at the back of her mind. Ari is a competitive girl, though she doesn't mind losing and will find it as something to work harder towards. She's not easily offended, but if you make her mad you will know it, and has a weird stance on right and wrong and justice due to her upbringing. Needless to say, she has a bit of a double-standard problem...

Looks: A girl of rather average height and build, she wears a jacket over a tank top, as well as a pair of shorts and a bandanna tied around her neck. All of these are plain in design and blue. Ari wears gray-blue bracelets around her wrists and her ankles. She has a pair of brown gloves and has a backpack of the same color, and wears sandals if she can't get away with being barefoot. The most unusual thing about her is her hair, which is very short and a firetruck red with highlights of gold, brown, white, purple, and blonde. Besides the odd hair, she seems to look completely human.

Powers: Being half fishman, she is about 5 times stronger than the average human by her heritage alone. Ari can also breathe underwater and swims extremely fast. She knows some fishman karate as well, courtesy of her mother. Ari usually prefers to use weapons like spears or bo staffs if she gets the chance, or knives if she feels that she can. Her nails are also poisonous, which is why she will normally wear gloves. She rarely uses that, as she considers it cheating.

History: Ari has never, not once in her life, set foot on land. She was born on her family's ship and has stayed there or in the water surrounding it her entire life. She has a huge family, whose numbers are still and most likely will always be growing. One day she was swimming around the ship and got too far away from it, and ran into a Sea King. She escaped with her life; not, however, with an object very precious to her. So she chased after it, and eventually lost it, leading her to where she is today.

Items in Possession:
Her spear thingy
Her bracelets
Extra gloves
A plushie flounder
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